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W-15 & Fuel Stop Inline Fuel Filter


The 4 port high performance WASP W-15 series is a compact and simple to install fuel filter/water separator providing protection from water and particulate commonly found in diesel fuel.

Fuel flow is up to 150 litres per hour together with a water separation efficiency greater than 98% and a pressure drop of only 20 mbar offering minimal restriction to fuel flow.

Either transparent or metal bowl options are available and all models are fitted with a washable stainless steel element which means no replacement elements.

Installation is before the fuel lift pump ensuring full system protection with two port sizes available,  ½'' x 20 UNF/SAE & M14 x 1.5.


Diesel and heating oil


Ideal for Marine, Industrial and Transport applications.


150 lit/hr


Available in 15, 100 micron


  • Aluminium die-cast filter head/ bracket for easy installation.
  • Transparent (Trogamid® T5000) or aluminium bowl options.
  • Pleated stainless steel washable element, surface area 50 cm2.
  • Thumb screw plug to drain water and impurities from bowl.
  • Ball valve to drain water and impurities from bowl (optional on transparent bowl models only).
  • The WASP W-15 series has three stages of operation

    1. Separation:  
    The incoming flow of fuel oil changes velocity and direction, reducing the possibility of further reduction of any water droplets present through impact. 

    2.  Coalescence:   
    This takes place on and just below the flow dispersion member allowing the separated water to descend to the bottom of the filter bowl. 

    3. Filtration:   
    The fuel finally passes through the stainless steel filter element. This removes all particulate above 100 micron still suspended in the fuel after the separation process.


W-15 range Filtration (micron) Details
W-15ST.85.01 100mic stainless steel 1/2" x 20 UNF ports, clear bowl, drain plug
W-15ST.85M 100mic stainless steel M14x1.5 ports, clear bowl, drain plug
W-15ST.85.01B 100mic stainless steel 1/2" x 20 UNF ports, clear bowl, drain tap
W-15ST.85B 100mic stainless steel M14x1.5 ports, clear bowl, drain tap
W-15ST.85Mpps 15mic paper M14x1.5 ports, clear bowl, drain plug
W-15ST.85pps 15mic paper extended length M14x1.5 ports, clear bowl, drain plug
W-15ST.85MN 100mic stainless steel M14x1.5 ports, metal bowl, drain plug
W-15FS Fuel stop  Stops fuel flow if water level is too high

Add-on /spare Details
W60450/0015P Standard replacement 15 mic paper element (all inc 85Mpps, except 85pp)
W60200/0015P Replacement extended paper element (15 micron) for 85pps model only
W60450/01 Replacement 100 mic stainless steel element
W014.0800.004 Replacement seal kit
W-15FS Unique fuel-stop filter

W-15 FS Unique fuel-stop filter

When water level reaches the pre-determined level, the flow of fuel is halted. This offers a safe way to ensure water in fuel contamination doesn’t reach your engine.

The internal precision machined float ensures only fuel passes; it is free to move within the filter and as the water is separated, will float on that water content collecting in the bowl.

The W-15FS range does not offer particulate filtration, hence there not being a micron rating next to the unit's details above, however engine protection from water content is unparalleled in such a compact form.

For more technical information, please see the Technical Details tab.

Maximum flow rate 2.5 Lts/min (150 L/Hr)
Connections 1/2''-20 UNF or M14x1,5
Pressure tested to 2 bar
Environment temperature range -20°+120 °C
Filtering Degree 100 micron

wasp 85mnwasp 85bwasp 85m


  • If necessary refit the two port plugs supplied with the filter. If they are not to be repositioned check they are correctly tightened.
  • Follow the flow direction according to the arrows on each of the four ports.
  • This range of filters should be installed on the suction side of the fuel supply system before the lift pump.


  • Check regularly for separated water
  • Drain off any separated water or impurities regularly via the thumb screw drain plug or valve
  • Remove, clean and re-fit the stainless steel element as necessary
  • replace paper element when required, see product range tab


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