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News from WASP PFS - International Fuel Cleaning Solutions

WASP will exhibit at Data Centre World, Singapore 2023

20th July 2023

WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce our new distributor for Romania.

4th June 2018

WASP PFS go global at Data Centre World, Singapore.

22nd October 2018

Turkish Bank Data Centre replaces leaking fuel polishing systems

Banking data centre in Instanbul, improve fuel quality and replace leaking systems.


WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce our new distributor for Germany.

1st May 2017

Data Centre World Expo London

The WASP PFS stand was busy with visitors watching a fuel polishing system in action.

March 2017


WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce our new distributor for Turkey and Egypt.

New Product Catalogues

See our range of updated product catalogues.


New WASP Fuel Filter Media

Latest Innovation from WASP PFS Ltd leads to development of a new media to further improve fuel filtration.


WASP is accepted as an entry in the Business Excellence Awards


New Product and Service Flyer

WASP PFS Ltd were pleased to launch a new flyer about their products and services at the Data Centre World 2016 exhibition. 

View the flyer in the Gallery and Media section.

New Data Centre Flyer

WASP PFS Ltd were pleased to launch a new flyer about the benefits of fuel polishing in the Data Centre industry. 

View the flyer in the Gallery and Media section.


If you catch a cold, you treat it - and catching the fuel bug is no different. WASP PFS Ltd are here to help, with our advanced range of fuel polishing systems, fuel filters, conditioning units and fuel additives.

Polish Data Centre takes 4 fuel polishing systems

A data centre located in Poland has installed 4 fuel polishing on their storage tanks to maintain the quality of their fuel, improve the performance of their generator and to prevent the risk of failure during a power crisis.


Telecommunications provider protected with WASP PFS fuel polishing

Telecommunications provider in the Netherlands orders fuel polishing to protect their back up generators through local WASP PFS Distributor, KVT.


Fuel Protection in Healthcare Industry

Click image to read the editorial article published in Healthcare Design and Management magazine in July 2014. 

So what is fuel polishing?



WASP innovates again with unique conditioning units

WASP’s engineering team have produced a unique fuel conditioning unit, which will be used in their largest fuel polishing system.


WASP Spotted in the Netherlands

WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to see their logo placed on a new pillar in front of the KVT building.

Speech Success at The Royal Academy of Engineering Conference

The presentation included changing specification of fuel, bio-diesel, contaminated fuel, the solution to good fuel housekeeping and how to avoid contaminated fuel.


WASP PFS on the road...

Yes, we are excited to be exhibiting again at this year’s CHP/ RENEWABLE / POWER Road show 2013

Manage multiple fuel polishing systems on multiple sites

Our new WASP Connect (TM) option allows you to remotely monitor and control all your WASP PFS devices, wherever they are in the world.


WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce a new set of updates to both the W-PFS and WB ranges of polishing systems

The W-PFS range now has touch screen control on most models and a 2 micron final stage with free and emulsified water removal across the range.

WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of fuel polishing systems.

Our entry level systems will suit companies on a budget.