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WASP PFS Ltd Company Information

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History of WASP 

WASP took the fuel polishing industry by storm, being the only fuel polishing company that invents, designs and manufactures all their systems in from own-brand products. We produce in the UK and USA..


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Industries requiring Fuel Polishing

We are privileged to have worked with many types of customers, from military organisations, hospitals and large blue chip companies to individuals with small boats and small businesses.


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About WASP 

WASP invent, design and manufacture customised fuel filtration equipment and fuel additives, including the innovative fuel polishing systems,absolute polishing products and side stream filtration.

Customer Case Studies and Testimonials

Fuel cleaning systems and fuel filters from WASP PFS Ltd are supplied all over the world in a wide range of industries. We are committed to providing quality fuel cleaning equipment and excellent customer service.